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All systems have bottlenecks. The bottlenecks in the system may be in the code, in the database or in the network infrastructure. Will they become an issue as the user base or transaction rates increase?

Performance testing identifies current bottlenecks in the AUT (Application Under Test) and verifies it meets or exceeds key performance measures. Testing is conducted to evaluate the compliance of a system or component with specified performance requirements. Load testing is analogous to Volume Testing and determines how the application deals with large tasks. Stress testing examines application behavior under peak bursts of activity.

Performance, load and stress testing answers questions like :
Can the AUT support 1,000 hits/second? If so, for how long?
Can the AUT handle 500 users searching for products and 250 users adding items to their shopping carts simultaneously
Key Challenges and Results
Scale of the Project :
With over 100 person-years effort; a team of about 50+ people working for more than 5 years.
Achieved Preferred Vendor Status :
In a short period of time. Amtex team formed a core part of this new initiative.
Quality Engineering :
Earned good reputation as a quality service provider, resulting in outsourcing work to Amtex from other product units of the client.
Domain and Standards expertise :
The main challenge for the offshore team was to understand the technology, new standards and large-scale system architecture, to effectively contribute to the customer's new product initiatives.
Technology Skills & Expertise   Engagement Models
Our TECHNICAL teams remain on the forefront of software technology and that has enabled us to be a leader in client/server and Internet systems development... Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources, which are organized and managed...
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