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Engagement Models
Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources, which are organized and managed by Amtex to meet with the explicit business objectives of the customer. Amtex acts as a virtual extension of customer resources, but leverages the expertise and utilizes the infrastructure of its state of the art development center at Chennai, India, seamlessly encompassing the on-site and offshore components of projects.

Fixed Cost Model
In this model you and Amtex Systems agree to a fixed price and timelines for a project at the beginning of a project. This is a popular engagement model which clients feel comfortable dealing with as it gives them a budget and timeline that is fixed. Amtex Systems has perfected this model and is adept at delivering at high quality software in time and within budget. You will provide a detailed specification document to Amtex Systems. Amtex Systems along with you will review the specifications and ensure that all assumptions, details are made explicit. Amtex Systems will prepare an effort analysis and propose a fixed price and fixed time frame for the project execution. Amtex Systems also will highlight the scope of change and possible risks during the execution phase. You and Amtex Systems will enter to in an agreement that covers visual aspects, documentation, application design, testing, support period, change management, communication protocols, milestones, timelines and commercial details. The project is executed as per the agreement. Amtex Systems can help the client in evolving the specifications for the particular project at a fee.

Time and Material
Time & Material business model is developed for long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation. If compared with Fixed Budget offer, which is ideal for projects with a detailed technical specification, Time & Material model is the best for scalable projects and provides you with a possibility to pay for Amtex Systems service in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract. After we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, we invoice you monthly or bi-weekly according to effort reports.

Dedicated Offshore Team Model
Through the Dedicated Offshore Team model Amtex Systems serves its clients as a strategic development partner, providing a pool of highly experienced IT professionals with a wide range of skill sets and proven technology practice areas along with the infrastructure dedicated to your projects. Amtex System’s Offshore Development Center can be integrated with the client’s existing processes to fully support development, quality assurance, version control, backup and recovery, thus operating as an efficient and seamless extension of the client’s software engineering facility. The Dedicated Offshore Team trained on your line of business, systems and processes can be changed in size when necessary ensuring quick response to your resource requirements. Empowered with transparent project management and progress tracking processes coupled with high-speed communication infrastructure, our clients have full control over the dedicated offshore team committed to their project. Through setting up an Offshore Development Center and working with a dedicated development team, our clients can enjoy all the benefits of the offshore outsourcing, including cost-effective resources, flexibility and time-to market advantages.

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Our TECHNICAL teams remain on the forefront of software technology and that has enabled us to be a leader in client/server and Internet systems development... Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources, which are organized and managed...
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