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A testing process that ignores the internal mechanism of a system or component and focuses solely on the outputs generated in response to selected inputs and execution conditions. Simply stated, verifies that an application does what it is supposed to do (and doesn't do what it shouldn't do).

Positive functional testing : entails exercising the application's functions with valid input and verifying the outputs are correct.

Example : Testing Login process with correct user names and passwords.

Negative functional testing involves exercising application functionality using a combination of invalid inputs, unexpected operating conditions and other "out-of-bounds" scenarios.

Example : Testing Login process with incorrect user names and passwords.

Functional Testing Process :
Test Management
Requirement Analysis
Test Planning
Test Scripting
Use of Automated Tool Scripts (if applicable)
Test Execution
Test Results Analysis
Detailed Reporting
Defect Tracking Management
Regression Testing
Functional Test Plan An Example

1. Project Scope
Document References (If Any)
Test Methodology
Pass/Fail Criteria
Exit Criteria
Assumptions / Constraints
2. Test Environment
Database/Setup Requirements
Test data file Requirements
3. Test Coverage and Objectives
Functions Covered
Test Objectives
Functions NOT Covered
Prioritizing Test Cases
4. Test Cases
Test Setup (If Any section wise)
Test Case Summary
Detailed Test Cases
5. Appendices
Testing Approach
Data Verification
Database Setup
Open Issues
Key Challenges and Results
Scale of the Project :
With over 100 person-years effort; a team of about 50+ people working for more than 5 years.
Achieved Preferred Vendor Status :
In a short period of time. Amtex team formed a core part of this new initiative.
Quality Engineering :
Earned good reputation as a quality service provider, resulting in outsourcing work to Amtex from other product units of the client.
Domain and Standards expertise :
The main challenge for the offshore team was to understand the technology, new standards and large-scale system architecture, to effectively contribute to the customer's new product initiatives.
Technology Skills & Expertise   Engagement Models
Our TECHNICAL teams remain on the forefront of software technology and that has enabled us to be a leader in client/server and Internet systems development... Our approach is a select business model, which essentially creates a dedicated pool of specialized multi-disciplinary resources, which are organized and managed...
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